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About RKI

Hello and welcome to Race Karts! Inc.

Whether you're seeking a professional auto racing career, looking for an adrenaline rush, or thinking about a new hobby, Race Karts! Inc. will offer an action-packed karting experience you'll never forget!

To make the most out of your day, our seasoned instructors will provide you with personalized coaching and maximum "seat time". Otherwise known as lots of instruction and lots of laps! We're here to help you accelerate your learning curve in an environment that's safe and fun for you, your family, friends and co-workers.

Founder and President Lisa Caceres has been offering kart racing schools and programs since 1992. Her passion for karting and auto racing is as strong today as it was in 1976 when she attended her first car race. In fact, she oversees every kart school! She enjoys introducing students into karting, getting to know them and ensuring they'll have a great day.

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As for her background, Lisa has been karting since 1986 and is the 1994 125cc Shifter Champion for the Nor Cal region of the International Kart Federation.

Lisa is also an accomplished professional race car driver having raced in the IMSA GTO and Firestone Firehawk Series, Pro SCCA Escort Endurance Series for Saleen Autosport Team, GT America Stock Car Series and Pro Mazda.

Some of the drivers she has been teamed with are Desire Wilson, Lynn St. James, Scott Pruett, Johnny O'Connell, Calvin Fish, George Folmer, Pete Halsmer, Parnelli Jones, and Steve Saleen. Lisa is also a Precision/Stunt Driver for television and film and has been a member of the Screen Actor's Guild since 1986.

About Karting

At Race Karts! Inc. you'll learn to drive the types of race karts that introduced top drivers to their racing careers: Michael Schumacher, Juan Montoya, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, and Michael Andretti to name a few.

Auto racers hone their skills with karting both off-season and in their spare time. Why? Because karting builds hand/eye coordination, quick reflexes, total focus and concentration.

Let's not be confused: race karts are not "indoor" or "concession" karts. They're far from it! Race karts are designed for speed: high horsepower, light weight aluminum components, and race-ready designed chassis. These karts are raced on sanctioned outdoor kart tracks around the world.

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